Payment information

Payment information

On this page you can find different payment methods we offer. If you have received an invoice for us, you can find payment information here and on the invoice that you can use for payment.

Fonvig Group is registered in the Norwegian business register Brønnøysundregistrene with organization number NO-925414506. Our address is Hesselbergs gate 7A, 0555 Oslo, Norway.

Pay with bank transfer

Bank transfer

Bank name: DNB
Account holder: FONVIG GROUP
Owner: Steffen Fonvig
Account number: 15064718271
IBAN: NO0815064718271

Pay with Paypal


If you have received an invoice from us, you can pay this with Paypal. Remember to enter the invoice number or send us an e-mail where you confirm payment in reference to the e-mail that sent the payment on paypal. Send payment through Paypal to or use the button below.

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