Fonvig Group is in rapid development and we have been looking for both Danish, Norwegian and Swedish partners for our many exciting websites and brands across national borders and we are pleased to announce that we have now partnered with the Danish web agency Skov Media.

The new and exciting collaboration Fonvig Group and Skov Media mainly deals with the three well-known Danish brands from Fonvig Group, Collatio, Phlight and Padelup.

Skov Media has been chosen as a partner, as they have a particularly good ability for website development in WordPress and have extensive experience with marketing, including SEO which is the primary marketing method we at Fonvig Group use. Skov Media has also come in to get a boost in other marketing channels and create new high-quality content for our many followers and readers on the pages.

Who is Skov Media?

Skov Media are embracing the future with contemporary and user-friendly content. We are driven by passion for the latest trends, regarding both interactive design and web development. Our combination of both linguistically, technical programming and transcendence designing skills, makes us out of the ordinary.

Our ambitious web bureau is always looking for new adventures, so lately we signed a partnership with the Scandinavian web marketing organization Fonvig Group. They operate in both Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Skov Media will be maneuvering and optimizing the websites, where Fonvig Group will be executing and overseeing all websites.

Expanding the venture to a foreign cooperation with Fonvig Group, was made in the belief of the faculty of executing well what one has devised, striving for excellence in our combining repertoire of expertise. This instinct we luckily both obtain and therefore the partnership made an easy decision for Skov Media.

Follow the journey

If you want to be part of the journey, we recommend that you go in and follow Fonvig Group on Facebook, here you can follow the development of the collaboration and not least the development of the websites we create and further develop in collaboration.