Hello! Welcome to Fonvig Group.

Hello! Welcome to Fonvig Group.

Scandinavian Digital Agency

Scandinavian Digital Agency

A company by Steffen Fonvig.

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What we do

What we do

Fonvig Group offers a number of services to our customers within web and marketing which you can read more about below.


Affiliate marketing

We help business owners around the world gain more customers and sales through affiliate marketing.



Branding and search engine optimization are our two flagships in online marketing.


Web development

We build and maintain professional and responsive WordPress websites for our customers.


Digital marketing

We are a versatile digital marketing partner and can help you from A-Z when it comes to online marketing.


Conversion optimization

If your sales on the webshop or the number of new clients are not as you want, we can help you along the way.



We build and maintain professional and responsive e-commerce websites for our customers.




How we helped

Clicks, customers & revenue

Through our digital services like affiliate marketing, SEO and marketing consulting, we help hundreds of companies around the world every year to get more clicks, customers and more revenue. See our estimated figures from 2021 here.

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About Fonvig Group

Get to know us

Get to know us

Fonvig Group is not a huge digital marketing agency with billions in revenue or with hundreds of people behind, in fact Fonvig Group consists of just 1 employee, who is the founder and entrepreneur behind, namely Steffen Fonvig.

Despite the size of the company, we possess many competencies, while at the same time knowing where our limitations is. That is why Fonvig Group collaborates with a number of companies in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. We call these partners Fonvig Group Associates and they help to make Fonvig Group what it is.

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Brands & Clients

Brands & Clients

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  • Visit Verusam.se
  • Visit Verusam.no
  • Visit Ohmsenergi.no
  • Visit Ohmsenergi.se
  • Visit Easyleif.com
  • Visit Verusam.dk
  • Visit Easyleif.dk
  • Visit Cashcasino.se
  • Visit Ohmsenergi.dk
  • Visit Liberumspinn.net
  • Visit Liberumspinn.com
  • Visit Webguruen.no
  • Visit Phlight.no
  • Visit Innuit.se
  • Visit Phlight.dk
  • Visit Collatio.no
  • Visit Collatio.dk
  • Visit Capitis.no
  • Visit Hyfda.no
  • Visit Webguruen.dk
  • Visit Capitis.dk
  • Visit Padelup.dk
  • Visit Cashcasino.dk


Articles & news

Articles & news

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